Daily Routine and Expectations

Behaviour Plan 

At St Mary’s School, we expect that everyone is treated with respect and dignity and feel happy and safe within our community. As such, we follow processes to ensure that any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate is dealt with in a fair and timely manner. Our students demonstrate that they are respectful, responsible and aware at all times. We encourage our students to reflect on their behaviours and how these affect others and formulate a plan on how they can improve their behaviour and restore positive relationships.


Students are expected to arrive after 8.20am in the morning when a teacher will be on duty to supervise. Students are to be seated in the undercover area until the teacher is on duty. Once the teacher arrives the children are able to play on the bottom oval.


Students are expected to depart the school through either Brisbane Street or Prep entrances. There is one teacher on duty in the undercover area until 3.15pm. Students are taken to the School Office if they have not been collected by this time. Parents are then contacted.


Parents are asked to notify the School Office by phone or the Parent Portal. We are required to record a reason why your child is away. Please ensure you contact the school absentee hotline (07) 4671 2063 (answering service available 24hrs).

Extended or repeated absences will be reported to the Principal and may require a supporting certificate from a medical practitioner.

Early Departure

Parents are requested to notify the School Office whenever their child is to leave or return to the school premises during school hours. Students must be signed out (and back in) by a parent or legal guardian. Students are to be collected via the School Office.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

All electronic devices must be handed in to the School Office at the beginning of the school day and collected at 3.00pm.

​Students will receive an appropriate consequence if phones, iPods or other devices are found in their possession or in the classroom areas during the school day. This also applies to other electrical devices including but not exclusive to iPods, iPads and MP3 players.

Bikes and Scooters

All students are required to dismount their form of transport once they reach the school grounds. They must carry their scooter or push their bike along the footpath into the school grounds. All bikes and scooters are to be parked at their designated bike rack area.

Emergency Closure of School

In the event of heavy storms, resulting in flooding of parts of the Goondiwindi district or other unforeseen circumstances, an announcement of the closure of the school will be communicated to parents via Sentral Parent Portal, Email, Facebook and/or a text message. Parents have a responsibility under these circumstances to facilitate getting children home. Your cooperation is vital under these circumstances.

Bell Times

8:35am School Starts

10:45am - 11:15am First Break

1:15pm - 1:55pm Second Break

3:00pm - End of School