Our Mission and Vision


St Mary’s School has been named in honour of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary was chosen because of her faith, unique life and strength of character. St Mary’s School strives to deepen the understanding of living out each student’s vocation. As Mary’s life unfolded through the challenges that she faced, we too encourage students to embrace life’s challenges with the same strength of character Mary displayed.

St Mary’s School exists to introduce children to the life of Jesus Christ through a balance of:

  • academic progress
  • spiritual development
  • knowledge of self and respect for others
  • intellectual and physical growth.

St Mary’s School promotes a shared commitment between students, families, staff, church and society to provide a safe, happy and inclusive environment.

Our Mission

St Mary’s School serves the wider community in furthering the Church’s mission. This mission centres around a joyful embracing of gospel values in our sphere of influence.

St Mary’s provides a place of educational excellence in the life long search for wisdom. A passion for teaching and learning nurtures the uniqueness in everyone. The releasing of Spirit brings forth future leaders.

St Mary’s is defined by the following qualities:

  • unified with the mission of the Parish in Christ
  • generous in its spirit of community service
  • encouraging of an inclusiveness that strives for pastoral care for all
  • transparent in shared ownership and responsibilities
  • authentic in its search for truth
  • setting its sights on noble goals and not being content with mediocrity.

The culture of the school elicits a positive spirit that encourages shared leadership.

Our Vision

We aim to rise above, by developing education which can transform lives and communities. Inspired by our faith in Christ and together with our families, church and community, we aim for each person to reach his/her full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Everyone in our school community deserves to be cared for unconditionally and valued equally as a unique creation, made in the image and likeness of Christ. In our learning, in our work, in our relationships and the ways in which we organise our community, we:

  • take time to pray together
  • respect ourselves and each other
  • understand, accept and value differences
  • trust and be trustworthy
  • help those in need.

We believe in:

  • children as a gift
  • being welcoming and accepting
  • joy in all things
  • school as a place of spiritual culture that uplifts our community
  • being true to oneself – guiding to find Jesus within
  • honouring contribution to the community
  • encouragement
  • empathy
  • generating team enhancing skills
  • building resilient children
  • participation and healthy competition
  • winning humbly and losing graciously.