Year Seven to Ten

At St. Mary's School (07-10), where constant growth and improvement are our driving forces. Our initial objective is to facilitate a seamless transition from the primary phase to secondary phase of education, ensuring students' wellbeing is a priority throughout. We strive to ensure that our students journey equips them with robust skills and benchmarks that lay a robust foundation for their senior years (Grades 11-12).

At St. Mary's, we place a special emphasis on nurturing and expanding our students' fundamental literacy and numeracy skills. These proficiencies stand as cornerstones, shaping each individual's path to realising their full potential and propelling them forward on their voyage through senior education and lifelong learning.




Core: English, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Physical Education, Humanities (History/Geography)

Electives: Business, Civics, ICT, Design Technology, Music, Visual Art, Dance, Media Arts, Food Studies, Languages.



Core: English, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Physical Education, Humanities (History/Geography)

Electives: Career Education, Business, Drama, Design Technology, Digital Technology, Hospitality, Visual Art, Drama, Legal Studies, Agricultural Science.

One to one ICT program

St Mary’s School embraces digital technology and provides laptops to promote a technologically centered learning environment. Our Years 7 to 10 students are provided with a laptop for use in all classes and at home for both formal and informal learning opportunities. For payment plans please refer to our school fee schedule.

This strategic direction aims to

  • support and enable successful independent learning for our students to become life-long digital global learners
  • allow students to collaborate with peers and teachers using media rich technologies
  • engage students in a personal and differentiated learning journey
  • embrace critical thinking and problem-solving while enabling students to develop their creativity
  • provide our students with anywhere-anytime access to information, research and learning.

Our challenge is to ensure these laptops exponentially add to the inquiry and learning of the students, so they embrace this technology appropriately.

We trust that this program can enable students to have the most technologically focused and beneficial learning environment possible for their future.

St Mary’s School aims to promote excellence in education and provides challenging and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities which enable all students to explore and build on their gifts and talents. The laptop is just one tool which supports these learning environments and experiences.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

In Year 10, students can apply to undertake a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship allowing them to work for an employer and undertake training towards a recognised qualification, while completing their secondary school studies. SBAs can offer great benefits to many students and help them to explore career options.

St Mary's uses the services of the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office SBA Program to facilitate opportunities School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. The Career Development Team works closely with the SBA Program Officer to advise students on various VET pathways and monitor students’ progress and welfare.