Our School

St Mary’s is a growing school committed to students reaching their full potential in an environment that promotes learning, resilience, self-discovery and development. The focus is to balance physical, spiritual, social and emotional growth with academic achievement and self-discipline. An energetic school community, St Mary’s has staff, parents and the Parish Community working collaboratively to educate its students. 

St Mary’s School has the gospel of Jesus Christ at its heart. Our educators seek to live out their response to the gospel with the same faith, hope and love that Mary did. Like Mary, we seek to be compassionate, welcoming and understanding to all. All students at St Mary’s School are provided with the real life experiences which deepen their understanding and commitment to their faith.

The school actively encourages families to participate in the life of St Mary’s Parish. Parents and parishioners are always invited and encouraged to celebrate together at Liturgies and Masses.

We acknowledge that a number of our students are from various other religions and in our teachings we share the stories from others and learn to respect their beliefs within our Catholic School. St Mary’s School values the cultural diversity within the community. It is important to understand that when enrolling at our school all students are expected to be active participants in our daily routines such as prayer, rituals and religious education lessons.

We believe your family’s experience of our school will be one of fun, where your child will engage in learning in a welcoming and caring community.  

Leveraging the unique gifts and talents of our teachers and staff, we focus on ‘care, consistency and curriculum’ to create and sustain the best possible learning environment for your children.   

We deliver a full Australian Curriculum and there is a student-centric ‘no excuses’ learning culture in every classroom with clear schoolwide behaviour management and expectations in place.

A broad range of co-curricular activities including sport, art, in school visits, excursions, academic competitions and musical productions enhance student’s learning. 

We invite you to explore the website and find out more about our beautiful school and its community.