While academic performance is important, we believe social skills and self-confidence are just as vital for success. As your child progresses through our school, a diverse range of co-curricular activities open up to them and we encourage students to take part in as many courses, cultural activities and sporting pursuits as possible.

Beyond the structured learning curriculum, our students can experience sport, music, technology, science and a range of clubs.


St Mary’s encourages all students to acquire a lifelong love of music. Specialist music teachers inspire and equip students to become the best musicians they can be. In doing this, students develop skills in the areas of socialisation, self-expression and creativity, critical and subjective thinking, concentration and self-discipline. Students are given the opportunity to participate in three choirs, instrumental music, school bands and our school musical.


At St Mary’s, we encourage sport for its health and wellbeing benefits and, just as importantly, for the sheer joy of playing. Sport teaches students about working as a team to accomplish a common goal, helps develop respect for rules and promotes the importance of both winning and losing graciously. Representative opportunities are available through Macintyre Zone, Darling Downs School Sport and Queensland Representative Sport.  Along the way, our teachers organise coaching opportunities to foster students' talents including; run club, athletic coaching and various sports training.

Clubs and Activities

While strong academic performance is important, at St Mary’s we know there are many intangible factors that have a substantial effect on students becoming happy, resilient and well-adjusted learners.  Students have the opportunity to partake in Coding Club, Science Club, Technology Time, Yoga/Thai Chi sessions, Optiminds, Chess Club, Study Hall, Readers Cup and various Student Council led activities.