Parents and Friends Association

Parents and Friends Association (P&F)

The P&F is an integral part of St Mary’s School and provides a formal structure for interested and dedicated parents and/or carers to be involved as a contributing member to our school community.  The P&F Association exists for the benefit of the school and as part of the school's structure, not as something separate from it. It is vital in helping create a link between school and families and is highly valued by the staff at St Mary’s School.

The P&F works very much as a team and every social, fundraising or other school activity is fully supported by that team. The Parents & Friends Association endeavours to plan with the Principal and others to provide optimum resources and a well-resourced learning environment for the children of St Mary’s School. General meetings of the P&F are held once a term and provides opportunities for parents to meet, usually with principal and staff, in order to ensure that everything necessary is being done for the school and its community and in particular, the students.